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    Hi, I’m Tolaso


Passionate for Maths since High School and fallen in love with LaTeX since university I dediced to start the following blogs in order to share my knowledge with you.


Mathematic Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

I do deliver private math lessons to students of Junior High School here in Greece. Prices are fairly low and the level of knowledge a student is expected to acquire is fairly high. Unfortunately, I do not deliver math classes to students outside of Greece.

LaTeX formatting

LaTeX formatting

If you are a newbie in LaTeX and want someone to type the document for you , then perhaps I am the right person. I undertake the responsibilty of writing a document up to 200 pages and I do guarantee you that the work is going to be of that of a professional. We will work side by side to achieve the result you desire.

Follow us for an exciting journey both on latex and mathematics.


About me

about Tolaso mathematician

Hi, I’m Tolaso

I have created this website to communicate my math experience with the world.

I’m 22 years old and my main passions are “Integrals and Series” , “Computer Science” and “Computer Programming”. These are exactly the type of things that take up most of my time during the day. I also like to travel a lot in my spare time and despite my age I have been already to many countries mainly in Europe.

I have studied pure mathematics but it was not that long till I realised that Computer Science as well as learning languages also fall in my interests.

I can speak 4 languages : English [fluently], Greek [fluently], German [basic level], Spanish [advanced level] .

I , also , dedicate most of my spare time by studying “Special Functions” as well as solving challenging integrals.


Member of following fora:

A Greek community dedicated to all level of mathematics , starting from primary school all the way up to university.

An international community dedicated solely to university mathematics as well as specific areas of mathematics, for instance competitions etc.

Art of Problem Solving

An international site which is of great olympiad mathematics resource.

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